Call girl services shutdown due to COVID-19

call girl services shotdown due to corona virus

Here, Being a responsible Escort service provider in India, we have stopped all our services till next government. The reason we all know is Corona Virus (COVDI-19). As we all can understand the seriousness of this pandemic condition, we have decide to discontinue our service till April 30, 2020.

I can understand after this lock-down there is huge demand of escorts between our clients. This is the only source of entertainment between our client but i we can see this COVID virus spreads from person to person touch. So its better to discontinue our service.

We need to understand, if this communication of disease spread between our escort girl then it will adversely impact many families. Still we have many calls from our client and they are ready to pay higher than the usual charges. But its difficult for us to make them understand in this way. That’s why today we are mentioning this article on our website.

We are under the constitution of India, where our escort are independent to choose there decisions and can communicate directly to the clients. But it is our sincere advice not to make contact with any person till 30 April.

This is a huge recession for most of the industries and service sector but life is more important then materialistic needs.