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5 reasons you should or shouldn’t date an Indian girl.

  1. Girls are feminist

    Yes, they are but don’t shown publicly.  This nature is groomed in last decade just to take them on safe side.

  2. Girls are prude

    Yes, as we face a drastic changes under the influence of western culture. Indian girls show they are modern and up to date but in somehow they have fear or traditional pressure from the family.  So, they have to take their some actions back but this is not being prudent.

  3. Girls are self loathing

    No, but under some circumstances they feel inferior to others and looses their confident. This may be because of their not so attractive color, body language, traditions, and body figure.

  4. Girls are trustworthy

    Yes, it’s being the culture of India that 90% of Indian marriages is successful. As per registered records, divorce rate in Indian is below 1 percent.

  5. Girls are ugly

    No, it is not justifying even every region and background has imperfections. Indian girls are also very beautiful as they also won miss universe and miss world titles.  

Why Indian girls are so ugly?

As already discussed above we know that all countries, regions or backgrounds have imperfection. Indian girls are not ugly in majority as Indian are black and as most of Indian girls are belongs to lower middle classes or lower class. They need to work hard all day to meet there daily necessity. Even they don’t have resources or time to beautify themselves by some artificial ways.

Why Indian girls like white guys ?

This is human nature as everyone wants better or best. But be fare i know Indian girls likes the boys who looks smarter and belongs to their own culture, tradition, or society. As we Indian are blown so its generic that white is something special for us.

What do Indian girls like in boys?

As this topic is quite vast and can be discussed on many points like tradition, income, age, sports etc. But as a conclusion i can say that most of Indian girls like boys having common sense, Good in sports or physically active, responsible, and having a handsome amount of salary.

How to meet Indian girls?

Not having engagement of girls in daily life like college , work space, friend circle then you can find a girl on Facebook, tinder, and many other social media sites or apps. But it needs good conversation skills as i already discusses the feminism part above.

How to do physical with Indian Girls?

As i already discussed it’s because of Indian tradition and culture Indian girls are not so open minded. At starting you need some to make some extra affords to impress her and make her feel comfortable.

Once she feels comfortable and secure with you. She believes in good future with you then she will be physical with you. But at why extend can’t be predicted.

Are Indian girls good in Sex?

Seems to be a base less question, but someone has this question in his/her mind. Yes, mostly Indian girls are good in traditional sex. But not so good in modern sex like anal sex, 69 position, open styles, dick sucking etc as they feels shy. Even this happens after a long tenure of marriage also.

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